5 Inspirational Tips for Women’s Fitness

Here are the Top Five Tips for Women”s Fitness, not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally:

1) Do something kind for yourself today… You deserve it! Take time out at least once during the day to stop and appreciate yourself.

2) Breathe. When the going gets rough – take a few long breaths instead of rushing to take care of the next action or putting out the next fire.

3) Take a break and walk outside australian pokie machines – walk around the block – even if you can”t leave your office, walk around the office in a different direction than you are used to. It will awaken your brain cells to respond more effectively in the present moment, instead of out of habit.

4) Eat Fresh Foods. Fresh fruit – an apple, orange or banana instead of a fruit cup or power bar. Nature has it”s way of nuturing our health and the fibers in natural food helps our digestive system, cutting out unwanted fat.

5) Turn off the TV. Stop living life vicariously and dare to take one step NOW, towards your secret dreams – even if that dream seems impossible to you.

Fitness starts from within. You have it within you to be just the beautiful being that you”ve always dreamt of being.

Start NOW.

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