My Menopause Manifesto

Today is my 55th birthday. The first thing I did this morning was to record this manifesto…

Women of 50 are wise, and have such a wealth of experience… Yet why are they not heard in the mainstream media?

Enough! Now is time for the Wise Feminine voice to truly be heard. It is our voices which will guide us through these turbulent times of change. Our voices can guide the younger generations to learn from our wisdom.

Girls who photoshop their gorgeous natural faces, need to know that they are beautiful, just as they are.

My goal is to help 1000 women, to help 1000 others. Do the math. That equals 1,000,000.
When those 1000 others help 1000 others, that equals 100 million.

Our voices truly make a difference!

What do you have to add?

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