7 Major Benefits of Therapeutic Singing

The use of voice and rhythm as therapeutic healing tools is an ancient art form.

Ancient rattles from the third millennium BCE to the first century BCE have been excavated in archaeological sites all around Israel. Clay rattles that contain small stones or other materials for making noise

are believed to have been used for healing and ritualistic purposes. The photo on the left is of a clay rattle found in Tel Hazor.

Why do I write about ancient rattles and singers? I am dedicated to reviving this ancient art form which can help us to heal many a modern woe.

How was Therapeutic Singing used in Ancient Times?

  • In birthing chambers of ancient Egypt
  • In healing rituals of Ancient Israel
  • For spiritual and shamanic healing
  • In ancient hospitals for the mentally ill

How is it different from regular singing?

  • Inner Focused rather than Outer focused
  • Being “in service” to the music
  • Wordless. The wordless part evolved during a three year medical research project performed on this healing music modality, which I will write about in a future post.

What are the benefits of Therapeutic Singing?

  • Safe with no side effects
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • Improves concentration
  • Increased self confidence
  • Healthy bonding between parents and children
  • Community builder
  • Low Cost – needs no special equipment

Here’s a major practical benefit of therapeutic singing that every person can use to…

Relieve Stress and Anxiety.
Have you ever found yourself nervously humming mmmm-mm-mmm-mmm to calm yourself down when you are feeling anxious about something and don’t know what to do? We vocalize spontaneously. It is a natural human means of expression, that physiologically helps to calm our nerves. When we vocalize consciously, we can bring ourselves to a deeper sense of inner calm.

Here’s a simple exercise you can try the next time you find yourself feeling anxious, make a conscious decision to hum to yourself. You don’t even have to hum out loud. To reap the maximum effect:

  1. Focus your attention upon the center of gravity at the center of the earth. This will provide you with a grounding effect
  2. Feel the vibration of your voice warming your insides from the tip of your toes, up into your belly, then into your chest, up towards your shoulders, through your throat and up into your head.
  3. With each subsequent breath, bring your focus back down towards the center of the earth.

Try it. You might like it. You may just find yourself calming down.

What applications would you like help with with regards to therapeutic singing? Add it to the comments section below and I will address it in an upcoming post. Look forward to hearing from you.

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