A Cure for Chronic Stress…. Ancient Hebrew and Healing Sound

Could the Ancient Hebrews have possessed a cure for chronic stress and distraction?

Well, YES!

The healing power of Ancient Hebrew and therapeutic sound and rhythm can help you to reconnect and re-center when you feel overwhelmed and off balance.

The rhythm of six is an ancient number representing wholeness and perfection.

The mathemetician Jon Voight writes on the history of perfect numbers of which six is one:

Six is ruled by the planet Venus and the astrological aspect of the sextile. It is a pleasant, harmonious number that governs the arts and music. Tact and diplomacy figure prominently with this number, so relationships will be of paramount importance. Six is a minor benefic, so money will play an important role when this number is significant. There will be a free flow of energy, which will enable many opportunities for success to come to the individuals who this number has touched

In the Old Testament, it is written that God created the entire world in six days. It was perfect. Six is older than the Bible – and the six pointed Star of David is as well. The six pointed star is found in Vedic traditions and other places around the world.

The two triangles complement one another. The bottom pointed triangle represents the vulva, or Divine Feminine energy. The top pointed triangle represents the Divine Masculine energy. The two together form a completion.

How can you use the rhythm six?

1) You can use six when you are tired, and it will wake you up.
2) You can listen to the rhythm when you are feeling off center, it will re-balance you.
3) You can use six, when you are feeling low,

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it will cheer you up.

Click Here for free healing music in the rhythm of six.

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