A Vote for Confidence

It’s really important for every human voice to be counted. The sum total of those voices is so much greater than any one of them could be alone. This is the power of choice.

Today is election day in the United States. I hold dual citizenship: born and raised in the US – American – Adult life – live in Israel – Israeli.
I travelled to Tel Aviv to the American Embassy to cast my vote. It’s a long trip to take, but I believe every voice makes a difference. I choose to show up with mine.

Yesterday, when I spoke to a colleague in the US who was working on the campaign trail, I learned how close the elections would be. Admittedly, in years passed, I did not feel the need to vote. The choices were so drab, that I did not sense that my voice would make a difference.

In the last election, I suddenly felt the desire to vote. I wanted to see Barak Obama in office, as I felt this would be a real change, not only in America, but for the entire face of politics.

I remember taking my overseas ballot with me on tour to the US. It was in Oregon, that I actually found a postman in the middle of the street and handed him my ballot envelope. It felt so good to be counted.

When my colleague spoke of the close elections, I again felt the need to have my voice counted. It was exhausting to travel to Tel Aviv in the middle of a busy workday.  I sat in bumper to bumper traffic for two and a half hours on the way home.

It is worth every ounce of energy.


I believe that it is vitally important to express ourselves. Every voice truly makes a difference. Though we so easily forget. that. Yet we are each a part of this larger whole. What each one of us does, DOES affect the whole, even when we DON”T do something.

Governments are only made of human beings. It is the consciousness of those human beings that contribute to the outcome.

Regardless of who we vote for, just the act of choosing consciously, is what contributes to the whole.

When we listen to our inner voice, and take it’s direction, it can take us to great places. Imagine what would happen if we would focus upon this more!



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