Accapella Peace Anthem Performed by Jewish Arab Ensemble

Rapeh et Libi – Ghalbi Fi Salaam – Heal My Heart

Please Heal My Heart
Please Heal My Soul
Let Peace Grow Inside Us
We will Know Another World

Please Take me to the True Place
The path of all I Dream
Of Love
Of Life
Of Clarity

We’ll Know a Better World

The song was collectively written by Eliana Gilad, Arnon Friedman and Rania Haddad. The three of us: American, Israeli and Syrian lived in Paris around the time of the Oslo Accords.

Performing the song is the Jewish Arab accapella ensemble from Safed Ethnic Music college, where I headed the singing department. Performing with me are Zohar Lev, Shira Yaari, Sharon Levy and Hasan Kablan. The piece was performed at a year end concert in the City of Safed, center of Kabbalah – Jewish Mysticism.

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