Accessing Your Subconscious with a Well Song


What is a Well Song?

A well song is a sort of crooning or lullaby that you can create for yourself to address or access a deep level of your unconscious.

What does it address?The well song addresses the need to deeply connect to hidden crevices of your psyche, parts which lay hidden beneath the level of our conscious awareness. In situations where you suffer confusion, you don’t know what to do, may feel out of sorts and at odds with yourself, a well song can permit natural healing.

How does it work?
When you vocalize, without words, the sound reverberates at the cellular level. Remember that vibration and sound is the essence of all matter. Everything vibrates. When you use sound at this level, it is precognitive, and access very deep levels of your consciousness.

When you consciously sing to yourself you permit empathy with your suffering. You are like a mother singing to her baby to soothe her suffering. This permits the suffering to birth a new solution to whatever confusion, worry or pain may be befuddling you.

Wordless sound works in its own way, in its own time.

The Well Song can be a way to bridge those gaps between the known and the unknown.

Here is an example of a well song that I created at an important juncture of my life. It’s unedited, unrehearsed, unplanned. I allowed the unknown spontaneity of the moment to move me. I was making huge strides forward in my abundance and prosperity mentality. I was working through a deeply embedded habit of self abnegation and self deprivation and consciously taking bold steps to get my music out into the world through.

The mortgage was due, and I did not know from where it

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would come. Having been through this dynamic before, I chose to create a well song for myself to anchor my state of receptivity, acknowledging the wisdom and power in the deep well of my being, that feminine place, which my mind cannot understand. Like Innana, I surrendered to the process, trusting that all would be well.

To my surprise and delight, the tune came out, bouncy, playful, without slow long single notes. Go figure! It truly opened up my attitude which brought abundant good, which only continues to grow.

What does the music do for you? Leave a post. Next time, I will show you how you can create your own healing well song.

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