Ancient Biblical Music

Today has been a very cool day. I left the Galilee this morning at 6:00 am. Where I live is high in the mountains. As I went down the hill, billowy clouds of fog covered the valley as if God had decided to take a long drag of his cigarette and blew the smoke out across and between the olive trees in the biblical orchards.

I left early to avoid traffic coming into the center of the country. My destination: Bar Ilan University where I have been waiting to research material on ancient music for my upcoming book, Miriam’s Secret.

For me, a music library in Israel is like a candy store to a wide eyed child. Five hours was just enough to touch the tip of the iceberg, leaving me just enough time to make copies of the salient topics of my interest… ancient percussion in Israel/Palestine… use of instruments by priestesses at the time… sacred dance in the temples. There was alot to choose from.

I will share with you in coming posts what I am discovering, both in the literature, and more importantly, what I am finding in the field not far from my Galilee home.

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