Ancient Israel Drum travels to Ancient China

Ancient is becoming new again…

I had the great pleasure this week of meeting Moshe Frumin, an artist and photographer who specializes in the reconstruction of Ancient Israel Instruments.  We journeyed to Kiryat Bialik, just north of Haifa, to visit his museum. Wow. What a place!  Moshe has researched all types of biblical and pre-biblical instruments found in the near eastern part of the world. His collection is the largest in the world. Several years ago, the Bible Lands museum created a beautiful exhibition of Ancient music and many of Moshe’s instruments were exhibited there.


Compositions have been specially conducted using his reconstructed harps and drums. From Australia to the US to Europe, those with a sensitive and curious ear, have devoted entire programs utilizing his instruments.

The use of drums in ancient Israel were to ground and refocus. The use of rhythm connects us to the force of gravity at the center of the earth.  When you are feeling unbalanced, or out of sorts, beating on a drum, or tapping on your thighs, can help you to immediately refocus.

You might imagine how excited I am to receive word today that I have been asked to present live music with one of these ancient instruments at the Music and Archaeology Conference in Beijing and Suzhou China – on October 21st. It is a dream to have Ancient Healing and Transformational Music acknowledged for it’s importance in our world today.   I am hoping to take the drum pictured above, with me to China. This is the drum which Moshe had included in the Ancient Israel music exhibition.

In this video you can experience the force of gravity in the power vortex of the ancient site of Timna, where I recently recorded this piece for a planning meeting with the other powerful women with whom I’m honored to have been invited to present with at the TEDxVailWomen conference in December.


We have almost all of our funding covered for the project and trip, save for the last $2000 for round trip air fare.  Our indiegogo crowd sourcing project is our way to get the word out and allow others to support us at very affordable means (starting at $3). The music and rewards are wonderful. I have even included a prize of personal composition at the ancient healing music site of Galilee.  Please check it out and help us spread the word.




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