Ancient Past and a Brighter Future

I’ve been away from the computer for the last few days. AHHHHHHHHH vacation!

I was in Tel Aviv preparing for a Jerusalem Day television special… focused around Jerusalem of ancient times. The really cool thing is that I will be filmed playing ancient frame drums and instruments at various locations around the old city. That should be very fun.

Yesterday, I went to Haifa to visit the prehistoric museum. Because of the holiday, they opened all of the museums and the parks to the public

for free. Along with me, seemed to be the rest of the population with their families.

Once I got past the throngs, and into the museum, I discovered that the oldest well in the world was found at Atlit – near Haifa. There were very cool figurenes of female goddesses – always my love… and skeletons of buried people who were found underneath the floors of houses, just like I saw in the ancient museums of Cyprus.

When looking at these ancient finds and contemplating their reality… it brought another dimension to my life today… more meaningful, more bright, wider and more expansive.

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