Ancient Roots – Reconnecting to Your Source of Wisdom

Where I Recorded in the CaveWhen was the last time you wondered: What am I supposed to do?

Are you inadvertently enslaving yourself through over-thinking everything you do, and repeatedly questioning yourself or looking to others for your answers instead of listening deeply for your own inner truth?

Do you dream of experiencing the depths  of being alive on this earth… motivated from the inside out to create , free to spend time with friends,  travel, write a book, and share your  message with the world?

How wonderful! Those non-verbal thoughts, lying deep within the well of your subconscious are singing a song of true harmony. It bubbles up from within the source of your own wisdom.

Yet sometimes it’s really hard to grab onto them long enough so that they can take root and flower into physical reality.

Doubt and disconnection from your inner truth (by over-intellectualizing, listening to others before yourself, etc…) can so easily take you away from clarity to know the next right step to follow through is that would manifest the abundant life you are meant to live.

I bumped into an old client on the bus yesterday whom I hadn’t seen in a long long time. She asked about the launch of Miriam’s Secret…. where is the book at this point? When I am planning to launch it… etc… etc…. I answered that those are exactly the same questions I am asking myself these days…. What am I supposed to do to get this material out in the best way? While I have clarity (for twenty years now – that this material will come out)… it’s birth has been L-O-N-G and S-L-O-W.

The Israelites spent forty years in the desert on the way towards the Promised Land.  Twenty years…. that’s half the time!
The wise part of me trusts the process. It’ takes what it takes. The critical task master tries to belittle by reminding me what I coulda, woulda, shoulda done and accomplished by now, comparing me to others, and showing me how I don’t measure up. It’s a horrible feeling.

Fortunately being attuned to my ancient roots with their  wisdom – my client offered me a note of support by sharing the subject of her current thesis work at the university:  power of prophecy.  Evidently there is an entire academic field that studies the phenomenon.  There are two kinds – inner and outer.

She explained that Miriam, Moses and Aaron are of the inner school – termed – ecstatic prophets… the experience of their visions, were at a non-verbal, non-cognitive level. The later biblical prophets were of the outer kind.  She added that the inner school is characterized by deep knowing in something that cannot be named in a word, and yet that knowing is the source of wisdom and knowledge that gets acted upon.


Exactly my experience. Been walking the walk 20+ years now.  I KNOW when something is right to act upon, because I get this inner directive to do it. I follow through. Other times, when the message is not clear, I wait, or wade through what seems like molasses.

In ancient times, we experienced life from the inside out.   Part of my challenge in writing and launching this book, has been the living its message from the inside out. Learning the secret science of Miriam’s music by listening  inside to receive clear direction towards the next step. That has not always been easy – particularly since it goes against the grain of “three steps to… ” cognitive planning approach to modern existence.

Can you relate?

These last twenty plus years leaving my homeland of Hollywood (CA, USA) to the lights of Paris, France, and back to recover my roots in the ancient Holy Land has taught me that the experience of being alive, and the joy of it actually comes from this journey between being rooted and uprooted, clear and unclear… and the journey is the way to the Promised Land.
What is your experience?



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