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Happy New Year of 2013! Well, the world didn’t end – Armaggedon did not occur. Yet time has ended… melted into the here and now… the present…what a gift!

What resolutions did you make?

Yesterday I went to the Sacred Oak Grove to compose and record live music for clients who ordered the live compositions.  I made a resolution to surrender my all, and go really enjoy myself.

The day was so beautiful.  The majestic grove inspired with the herd of cows grazing in the grass (you’ll see on in the music meditation video :-)… There was a magical quality to the air. The wind rustled in the breeze, and when I played a particular 4/4 rhythm, in a way I never had before the leaves flew to the ground.

You can see it and listen to the calm here:

The Cosmos were in line with the breeze. As I played a certain pattern  the leaves would begin to rustle. It was eerie, shaking me to my own core.

Is the sound really that powerful that it would rustle the eaves, causing them to fall? I believe so.

It’s just like your resolutions

When they are rooted in commitment, you will follow through and step by small step, make real progress.  Making resolutions without a firm rooted commitment of taking action, is like a bunch of hot air that makes an inital blast, but doesn’t lead to anything lasting.

New Beginnings put you back on track

New beginnings give us energy. The whole world is before you.  Even when you go off track or lose momentum, you can get right back on… a begin again.

For this new year, ushering in a new beginning of a new era – where will you get back on track with yourself? How can you be kinder, gentler with yourself?

I recorded a new piece in the orchard to ring in the new era, and support you in your growth this coming year.

I leave in a few hours for my own return to my birth place, of Los Angeles. My step father is celebrating his 90 birthday, and that is something to truly celebrate.

In honor of him, I have extended my special holiday offer   of 30% just for my subscribers to this newsletter through the end of this week. You must order by January 6th. I am just LOVING bringing forth this powerfully healing sonic experience.

If you are in the LA area, I compose the  music session for you LIVE, in the flesh. It’s Powerful.

I’ll also be in the UK for the week of January 15 – in the area of Northumria, if you know of anyone there who could use some sublime calm amidst alot of calamity.

You can pop me an email if you’d like to schedule.

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