August 9 in Northern Israel – Daily News

Yesterday I ventured out for the first time in two weeks – to the Carmel Mountains. Why did I risk going? Because there was a special conference given free to small business people from the North, to help us prepare for the day after the war… It was a day to help us plan for rebuilding our business, so that we can earn our living, and keep the economy alive. 91% of the work force in Israel is made up of small businesses.

The government unfortunately does not have small business as a priority, so the fact that this event occured, originated by private business, was a true blessing.

It was also heartening to meet up with other people in similar situations, and to receive support and brainstorm.

I am going to follow through on an idea that I have been thinking about for a few months now. Yesterday, the positive feedback I received upon it, makes me intend to go for it.

The siren is ringing again, gotta go for cover… Will write again later…


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