Authentic Being = Not doing this… and doing that…

While surfing Google+ to find others with whom I could authentically connect, I searched #authenticity which turned up this beautiful post by executive coach Wendy James. Here’s the whole post:

“Authenticity” is not just a word. It’s not just a trendy concept. It’s not just a way to sell product. It’s a heartcore path. It’s a perilous journey. It’s a way of being that is not influenced by political considerations, not concerned with how it will be judged, not souling itself out for the mighty dollar. An authentic being bows down before nothing untrue.
She owns her truth no matter the consequences. He is inspired from the inside out. She drowns others’ masks in her wake. It’s time to reclaim the word ‘authentic’, before it becomes as disingenuous and commercialized as the word ‘enlightened’. It ain’t authentic unless its

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nakedly true.

Inspired, I composed a new music meditation…

That sentence: It ain’t authentic unless its nakedly true. strikes a deep chord within me. The most loaded word: naked. When you’re naked, you feel vulnerable. Old pain from unconscious childhood wounds resurface. Ouch. Our original survival tactics were tremendously effective… then…Yet today… years later they’ve morphed into encrusted self-defense that many times hurts more than helps. To get back to our true selves means meeting the truth of our powerlessness.
Not always an easy thing to do… especially when you like to feel in control of things.

Meeting the shadow side of life is not comfortable. Yet it’s the key to our freedom.

Next week is Passover, the holiday which celebrates the idea of keeping yourself from drowning in the sea of your personal habitual slavery so that you can cross to the other side and reach the shores of your own Promised Land.

I’m discovering some very powerful secrets re: vulnerability that are turning my entire notion of authenticity, honesty and success on it’s head. I want to share with you an approach I’m practicing that is bringing me so much unexpected good – exactly in the moments when I have been expecting the worst.For now, I’ll say that authenticity means not selling yourself out to your old encrusted habits that while keeping you “safe”, keep you small. Authenticity is also about becoming a kind, loving parent who can soothe the vulnerable child inside of yourself. This week’s Wisdom Wednesday music meditation is focused upon soothing yourself when you feel vulnerable.

Where are you being untrue to yourself? How can soothing yourself help empower you to express your authenticity? I look forward to hearing from you.

PS. One of the secrets I’m discovering has gotten me actually excited when I feel off balance. Yesterday, I decided to test this out in the personal sound therapy application I composed for one my coaching clients yesterday. A powerful mentor, this man has hired me to help him get unstuck from his comfortable safety in his current leadership position. Identifying the atrophy of new clients as a sign of needing to expand into his next phase, this sensitive fifty+ year old courageously chooses to meet his naked vulnerability so that he’ll be freed to take the next practical steps to turn his big hidden dream into reality.

OMG – what happened was astounding. I have no words to describe it at this point. It’s deeply inspirational, but I need to test it out some more before I can communicate it to you simply and authentically….Stay tuned…If you haven’t yet claimed your free Well of Wisdom Jumpstart kit, now would be a

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great time to go grab it.
All the best, Eliana

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