Babies and Music Research and Dr. Emoto

I was just browsing through my files and came across an interview filmed a few years back when we were in the midst of healing music research project in an Israeli neonatal ward. Rivka Michaeli, the Israeli Barbara Walters, interviews Dr. Arnon of Meir Hospital (50/50% Jewish-Arab) and myself about the Voices of Eden live music project in the intensive care unit of the hospital. In this video, you can see us at work. This interview was also to introduce Dr. Emoto’s visit to Israel to present his Messages from Water. We presented together at a Thank The Water Conference at the shores of Galilee. During that time, I gave him a copy of the healing music I composed for the research (which you can listen to here)and invited him to research it as well through his special photographic process. The water crystal photo of the music looks like a snow flake. In two weeks I have the good fortune of meeting with Dr. Emoto again, when we will both present at the International Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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