Baby Music Research & Dr. Emoto Water Crystal Video

Healing Music Research, Eliana Gilad & Dr. Masaru Emoto

Add to My Profile | More Videos It is an interview with Rivka Michaeli, (the Israeli Barbara Walters), myself and Dr. Arnon, who conducted the first research upon Voices of Eden music in a neonatal ward at Meir Hospital which serves a 50/50% Jewish and Arab population. There is a cool clip of healing harpist Sunita Staneslow and I performing in the intensive care unit for an Arab couple and their baby. The research, which continued for three years, shows that live Voices of Eden music lowers blood pressure, heart rate , increases focus and quality of sleep. The results were published in the June 2006 American medical journal BIRTH – Issues in Perinatal Care. In November of 2006 another research project based upon ours, was begun in eight neonatal wards across the United States. Joanne Loewy of Beth Israel Hospital in New York City is involved in the project.

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