Balkan Dance in Israel

Edna Rimon took fabulous photos of the twenty fifth year anniversary of the Balkan folk dance club in Haifa Israel. To celebrate with us, the Balkan music performers – Chubritza, came to Israel to play their wonderful music, while we danced (and I also sang and drummed in a few pieces).

Aviella Angel (really an angel) wearing the Balkanitsa t-shirt, is one of the organizers.

You can enjoy more photos here:

This gave me a very good break from writing my book proposal for Miriam’s Secret and using the healing music to release the stress connected with the Next Top Spiritual Author contest, whose voting deadline is today. You can tell by this photo, I am pretty dreamy faced (smiling yet with little sleep).,

What does Miriam’s Secret and Balkan dance movement in Israel share in commo?n



Love of rhythm, movement and music as healthy means of living

Community builder

Thanks to both Balkanitsa, Dunav (the Jerusalem balkan dance group), Chubritza who graced us with their lovely live music, and every single person who helped make this event such a success by helping to organize, and showing up to enjoy in the festivities.

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