Bast Hathor and Mippies

Bast or, the ancient Egyptian cat goddess and Hathor, the ancient Egyptian Cow goddess presided over healing and beauty and music. Through them, they helped people connect to their creative force and to bring new forms to the world.

My cat Mippies, who passed on while I was touring overseas, was a modern embodiment of these goddesses. How grateful I am to Mippies for the ten years of frienship we shared. Mippies followed on my heels to everywhere I would go. She would open the door on her own by jumping on her hind legs and push the door knob with her paw. The only frustrating thing about that, was that she never quite mastered shutting the door behind her!!!

Mippies was sent to earth from the Cat Embassy. Those who were formerly avowed cat haters, changed their minds when they encountered Mippies. She could sniff them out a mile away. She would ever so gracefully rub gently against them, and then shyly jump into their laps, purring ever so demurely. No one could refuse.

Whenever a special group of people would gather for healing music, especially during classes with my students, she would insist upon participating. Students found it cute, especially when she would speak. Now, that she is gone, I realize that she was guiding us all along.

After the first days of shocking loss and grief, I am now feeling her presence even more.

Thank you Mippies, from the bottom of my heart. For your support, your friendship, and your unconditional love. I feel it even more today.

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