Be Yourself, Forgive Yourself – Yom Kippur

Dusk is falling, and Yom Kippur the Hebrew Day of Atonement arrives. For the next 24 hours, an entire nation comes to a halt. No cars, no buses, no transportation in the street, save for children riding on their bicycles, as there is no danger of traffic to interfere.

I love the quiet of this day, as it provides such a powerful opportunity of deep introspection.
The last weeks have been so focused upon feminine wisdom, and Yom Kippur is an expression of feminine focus e.g. inwards.

Rediscovering the above video – was a delight – as the quiet music in it really facilitates inner introspection.

Please do something kind for yourself today and take a moment to reconnect with yourself.

Be Yourself. Forgive Yourself, for whatever imagined transgression you have made.

Who knows… it may end up being the biggest gift you could even imagine… that is, if you stop long enough to look for the silver lining.

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