Being more, doing less creates nice connections…

Small daily joys add up to a harmonious life. We have a tendency to expect grandiose, spectacular results, before we admit to “success”, yet I must say, that while in Hollywood, it was the small, undramatic events which unfolded, everyday that added up to a stellar visit in Southern California.

Less doing and more being creates nice connections… After many years of communicating through the internet and facebook, I finally had the chance to meet drummer Christine Stevens and Rowan Storm in LA. On my last day, we had a great jam session in my mother’s beautiful back yard.

Can you believe that there is an ancient Pagoda in Southern California. I met up with my dear friend Angela Deger in San Pedro. We sat by the Pagoda, whose Korean frienship bell overlooks a 180 degree view of the Pacific ocean, Catalina and the Channel Islands. I defintely recommend a visit when you are next in Southern California.

The dear film director Simon Edery invited me to a wonderful film preview of the upcoming Anonymous, which explores the supposition that William Shakespeare did not pen all those famous sonnets and plays of his. It’s a very interesting film, worth seeing.
I had the joy of participating in the Sacred Music Festival opening at Venice beach, which was both exciting and a true coming home for me. I used to hang out at this beach as a child. It was my summer hang out. Returning to this place with hundreds of others, making sacred music was a dream come true.

Tomorrow I invite you to help me widen the circle by joining in live At the Well Gathering – it’s a free live music meditation, that you can call in free from skype or dial in through

The music I will compose, will be focused upon whatever muse you request on the Miriam’s Secret facebook community. What’s your muse?

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