Benefits of Pomegranate for Extemporaneous Presentation Skills

There are many benefits to pomegranates, the most importantly for me, is the inspiration I receive in the spring when the bright orange flowers blossom from within the outer frame of the narrow branches framed by the sprouts of their deep green leaves.IMG_0071[1]

This morning, it rained unusually hard and unusual at all that there was rain in the middle f May.

The water shined on the leaves, making the buds sparkle like red rubies.

These are picked fruit from last year’s crop.

Today is Shavuot, the Ancient Hebrew Harvest Holiday where the first fruits were brought to the temple as an offering.

Later, after the destruction of the Temple, when there was to place to bring the harvest, the tradition shifted to celebrate the handing down of the ten commandments from Mt. Sinai.

I am in the midst of editing the part of Miriam’s Secret – Discovering Your Inner Well of Wisdom, where I explore the issue of authentically speaking your truth. Miriam the Prophetess, sister of Moses, was a true leader. She extemporaneously spoke when it was most important. Otherwise, knowing her power, she lead silently from the sidelines.

That is, until she sang. Her rhythm

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and music was that which kept the people attuned to their faith and courage as they slowly made their way from slavery, through forty years in the desert on their journey towards the promised land.


Extemporaneous or improvised presentation is one of the most authentic forms of human expression. It can be one of the scariest as well, since you can feel so vulnerable. Humming is a great way of soothing yourself. Humming also provides an effective means of stress release connected to the fear of public speaking.

This morning, as I contemplated my writing, enjoyed the aesthetic beauty of the Pomegranate and her symbol of wisdom, I myself, broke out into extemporaneous singing. My trust iphone was right next to me. I picked it up, filmed a spontaneous video of the gorgeous pomegranates while I hummed spontaneously, inspired by Miriam’s wisdom, and the benefits of this ancient delicious fruit of wisdom. I immediately uploaded it to my youtube channel (BTW, please subscribe for the more than 200 healing music videos there)…

What one thing would you be willing to extemporaneously express today? Write it below…

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