Live Personal Healing Music Experience

Black Friday Special Offer through Dec. 1, 2019 

Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate!

When was the last time you allowed yourself to check “perfectionism” off your list, put the list down, and give yourself a break to rest, relax and rejuvenate?

Personalized Live Healing Music Meditation


Never Before...

Never before have we lived so long. Never before have we been in such need of a new paradigm, a new role model for feminine wisdom and leadership. Yet in these very tumultuous times, it's also true that wise women are coming out of the woodwork. And perhaps YOU are one of them? Perhaps you are going through change and could use a rest?


Stay Sane & Serene through the Holidays & Beyond...

Imagine navigating through the holiday season with joy and celebration instead of stress and anxiety over the longer than ever To Do List and anticipation of meeting up with the Holiday scrooges in your life. The experience of a Voices of Eden healing music session or composition whether live, through  telephone or zoom, will help you to remain calm, focused and relaxed, no matter what is going on around you.

You Asked for Music...You Got It! 

Throughout my travels around the globe,  I've encountered a few major obstacles in connecting with clients and fans. Unless I am presenting in their home town, or they come on  a private Immersion in Los Angeles, or a retreat to Israel, it’s hard for them to experience my unique healing music, live.

So, I have come up with a solution…

Throughout this holiday, we’re booking Private Healing Music Experiences globe 😊…that are geared for powerful people at a crossroads, in the midst of big change.

Why should you consider this?

Here are a few reasons...

I come to you!  It's simple. Via zoom.

Experience Ancient Healing and Transformational Music at its BEST - intimate, personal, and I compose a personal live healing music meditation for you, around the well!

Forget needing to travel all the way to Ancient wells of Israel, you can hang out with me in a real authentic way (you CAN though, join me in May)!

I create live healing music composed live on the spot for you! This is the best way to experience the healing power of this ancient feminine lineage.

Marianne Williamson

“Eliana Gilad is like an ancient priestess, bestowing enchantment and alchemy through rhythm and sound. She takes you to a very deep place and then lifts you to a beautiful high.”

Marianne Williamson

How Does it Work?

You Say Yes, Eliana Shows Up with Voice and Ancient Drum


Eliana does not give private sessions anymore.  When she did, they were $1500. Today, her custom music composition service runs $8997.

This offer is ONE TIME ONLY...available through Sunday, December 1, 2019, Midnight PT. It will NOT return again!

Private Healing Music Session: $397

You May Purchase 2 Sessions at this Price. If you'd like to purchase a gift for a loved one, a 3rd Session can be purchased at a reduced rate: $297

Have a friend or relative with a physical condition?  Voices of Eden music is medically proven to lower stress, increase focus and quality of sleep.  Successful and effective applications have addressed: healing chronic pain, stroke, cancer, fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression, difficulty conceiving, traumatic birth.

Each person will receive an e-book of Miriam's Secret, plus instruction on how to use as a healing aid to use with your personalized healing music session.

What's Included in a Live Healing Music Experience?

  • Private Self-Mentor Preparation Session
  • A 50-Minute Healing Music Session
  • Live Healing Music Meditation Composed LIVE on the Spot - Personalized for Each Participant
  • Recording of Your Session
  • Miriam's Secret - Revealing the Ancient Wisdom of Feminine Leadership E-Book
  • Guidance to Use Book as Healing Aid with Music

Your Healing Music Composer: Eliana Gilad

TEDx presenter, author, ancient healing sound pioneer, Founder of Voice Your Feminine Power programs helping powerful women re-energize, replenish, and reconnect to their  inner truth, so they courageously lead from their feminine power (even when it’s messy, inconvenient or politically incorrect), attracting abundance and making a difference in the lives of others.



Eliana has lived in Israel for 20+ years and travels between Los Angeles and Galilee, where she leads an annual Voice Your Feminine Power Women's Wisdom Retreat.   Her work and music is featured in Sharon Stone's award winning documentary: Femme: Women Changing the World.

Enjoy a rare opportunity to experience ancient ritual from a direct descendant of the Levite tribe.




Do Something Kind for Yourself Today! Give Yourself and Loved Ones of Personalized Healing Music Meditation!

I Want My Healing Music CompositionEliana - Let's Do This!

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