Taking the risk to be real

Do you know that experience of feeling pushed inside, no motivation to do what your mind says you “should” be doing? Yet you’re a responsible person, so you go ahead and “do it” anyway. I have noticed that this behavior inside of me, is self violating. It is violence. If I am about creating peace,…

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Shana Tova with Ancient Voices and Rhythms for Living Peace

Yeh, well, I got pretty excited this evening remembering the recording from last year’s New Year healing music concert in Tivon. Cool that I can repost it here. Pomegranites, Galilee, freshness, a new start. I love hearing all those voices in singing in the background. It really exemplifies Voices of Eden. So, what are you…

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When authenticity trumps efficiency

Today is hot in Galilee, in more ways than one… and it has taught me a great lesson that I’d like to share with you. “Sometimes”, they say, “the road to hell can be paved with good intentions…”Such was the case this morning when a colleague of mine called to fill me in on the…

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