Charismatic, Confident & Connected   Catalyst #1

Your inner voice is at the heart to clearly and confidently expressing your outer voice so that it gets heard. Everything else is built upon this foundation. You' ll get complete clarity on where you are, own where you want to go and know in your bones that the world needs to hear your voice!

Lessons, Survey & Downloads

Lesson 1

Connecting to Your Self as a Charismatic & Confident Presenter

Video Time: 7:21

Lesson 2:

3 Keys for Maximum Effectiveness in Presentation

Video Time: 7:48

Lesson 3

Aerial View - Self Assessment Guide

Video Time: 8:10

Lesson 4

#1 Focus for Big Results

Video Time: 6:34

Lesson 5

Source Spot - Connection Foundation Exercise

Video Time: 13:15

Lesson 6

Source Spot Exercise 2:  Re-Ground & Re-Center

Video Time: 12:35

Lesson 7

Source Spot 3: Releasing Blocks on the Spot

Video Time: 10:31

Lesson 8


Video Time: 5:57