Charismatic, Confident & Connected   Catalyst #2

When you feel at ease in your skin while speaking to others, others become empowered by your presence.  Your unconscious vocal patterns could be pushing people away.

In this module, you'll learn how to use your body and your voice like an instrument, so that you'll effortlessly magnetize others and inspire them to action. You'll end your presentations with MORE rather than LESS energy.

Lessons, Survey & Downloads

Lesson 1

Anatomy of Sound

Video Time: 4:47

Lesson 2:

Nature of Your Voice

Video Time: 9:25

Lesson 3

Attuning Your Body as an Instrument

Video Time: 5:05

Lesson 4

Releasing Vocal Tension and Anxiety

Video Time: 6:11

Lesson 5

Increasing Your Range - Book on Stomach

Video Time: 06:04

Lesson 6

The French Waiter

Video Time: 06:22

Lesson 7

The Balloon

Video Time: 13:30

Lesson 8

Voice as Instrument

Video Time: 14:02