Charismatic, Confident & Connected   Catalyst #3

In this module you will learn how to connect with your audience as a Charismatic and Confident presenter or speaker and how to maximise your results.

You'll deepen focus on the practice of connected presence that will separate you from other speakers in your field.


Lessons, Survey & Downloads

Lesson 1

Connecting to Your Audience Overview

Video Time: 3:31

Lesson 2:

Going Beyond the Root Cause of Fear of Speaking

Video Time: 6:51

Lesson 3

Connecting with Your Audience - Establishing Contact

Video Time: 11:18

Lesson 4

How to Eliminate the Negative Voices

Video Time: 5:15

Lesson 5

How to Create Safe Space

Video Time: 01:48

Lesson 6

What to do in Case of Blackout

Video Time: 5:20

Lesson 7

Impromptu Speaking - 4 Benefits to Connect with Your Audience

Video Time: 12:58

Lesson 8

How to Engage More Effectively with Your Audience

Video Time: 11:58