Changing Rhythms

Ok, I know. It seems like ages since I have posted. Yeh, I feel guilty about it too. One of the reasons for my not posting, is the subject of this post… a new good news story in Galilee.

Believe it or not, an innovative, east-west music academy has opened up within Safed College, which is a northern branch of Bar Ilan University. The program is the brain child of Dr. Essika Marks, a forward thinking woman conscious of the healing power of music. Dr. Marks directs the music project along with Vered Yaakovitz, who is manager of the college.

Amongst the teachers are Emad Dallal, a master of Arab Classical Music, Master of Arab Jewish Music, Yair Dallal (no relation to Emad), Clarinetist and reed specialist Eyal Sela, Klezmer and Violin Hassid Ayal Shiloah, Percussionist Avi Agababa, myself heading the vocal department and other leading musicians from the North.

The student body, evenly divided between Arab Christian, Moslems, Jews, and Druze are larger in number than originally anticipated.

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