Competition and Voices

Who’s most popular? Who makes the most money? Who’s the best parent ? Who is the biggest star?

Who has the most clients? Who is more spiritual?
Who’s most honest? Who’s right?

Too many questions can make you nauseous!

Gulp, it’s scary to write this, not sure whether it’s an act of courage or stupidity. In the interest of being real, I’ll go ahead and take my chances.

Competition. The Western world is founded upon it. Our value system is based upon it and the entire way we learn to express ourselves, from the time we are young children is based upon it. More is better. Really?

To learn how to go beyond competition and the stress it places upon your heart, soul, and vocal chords, read the article “Voices and Competition”.

Do you consider yourself a peace maker, healer, teacher, coach, therapist, artist, educator, or musician, genuinely wanting to free hearts and minds for the highest good. But how can you when your voice inside can’t get out? Learn to free your authentic voice for use as a transformational tool, healing old wounds to freely and fully express your beautiful natural voice that is your Divine tool for making a difference in this world.

Learn more here.

Perhaps you were a free spirited child who loved to sing and dance wildly down the streets, but you grew up in a “proper” family where etiquette and manners were the most important order of the day. Instead of whistling dixie, you were told “children are to be seen and not heard”. Your beautifully frivolous songs were met with ” You’re making too much noise!”

So you learn to adapt your communication to “get along” and succeed in your surroundings.

What happens when your heart lives on a different page in a different reality?

Read on.

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