Is Being Stuck Starting to Tire You?

Personalized Sound Therapy and Healing Music System


Dear Heart Centered Friend,

We all know how powerfully inspired music can deeply touch us.  Music can transport us into the magical sanctuary of our inner calm and tranquility. In that space, all is well.

Though music today is more prevalent in our lives than ever before, 90% of it is based upon synthesized sound. This includes relaxation, new age and meditation music. It’s like drinking formula instead of mother’s milk. Both will feed you, yet only one will deeply nourish your soul…

Vocal sound can nourish and nurture you through turbulent times of change.

So just sit back and relax and journey to your own Promised Land. It’s so much closer than you think .  As you listen to this 100% natural piece of music recorded at the ancient sites (you’ll see photos in the clip), allow yourself to be transported to a magical place beyond your cognitive mind….

  • Feeling such deep imperturbable calm inside that no one and nothing can knock you off center
  • Connecting to your intuition so clearly you easily get the answer to your most pressing questions 24/7
  • Trusting yourself, and actually following your inner voice which fills your heart with joy

Sound like a fairy pipe dream?

It’s not. I am living proof.

My name is Eliana Gilad.  Born under the Hollywood sign, my life has been more interesting than any blockbuster  film. I first proved myself to my parents as a “successful” high-flying marketing executive. Then I learned to listen and follow my inner voice, which led to a spiritual awakening.  Following the guidance of my inner voice led me to France where I broadcast the Olympics for CBS to 60 million US TV viewers.

Then I was called to discover my life’s work by fearlessly singing on the Parisian trains.  This eventually  led me to the heart of Galilee, Israel in the Holy Land, to revive an ancient healing and transformational application of ethereal voice and rhythm, such was used by Priestesses more than 3000 years ago.

The Prophetess Miriam, sister of Moses, was a master of using voice, rhythm and music as powerful alchemy. She held the entire power of the Cosmos in her hands.

In those days leaders would go to the temples to receive powerful voice and rhythm which would rejuvenate and replenish energy and attune  to the highest vibratory rate of the universe.

Sound, consciously created from Source, which is silence, has a power to deeply heal.

Today, this music approach has been clinically proven to:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase Quality of Sleep
  • Bestow Deep Calm and Comfort in Times of Change

If you  are truly ready to move beyond a life of secret inner ache, and into one of deep joy and meaning, I invite you into a magical world beyond your cognitive mind. It’s truly indescribable.  By opening to these ancient sound vibrations you can experience powerful self-healing and transformation.

What if You Could:

♥ Act from Love, Not Anger?

♥ Ask for What You Want with Comfort, Tact and Grace?

♥ Feel Like Singing All the Time?


Here’s what one of my clients has to report…

“Each time I listen, I feel happy and ‘held’. Well worth the money!”

DC” The price did make me think. Ultimately, it felt right to me, and the money became a non-issue.  I just loved the idea of having a composition personalized for me.

I felt confident that my purchase would be well worth the money (it was). I was very impressed when I received the questionnaire. I thought the questions were excellent and I knew after reading them that the composition would be even more special than I originally figured.

I’ve been nothing but happy. I loved it from the first time I listened.  I felt — and still feel — that this was well worth the money.

I noticed that the first time I heard it, I found myself with a strong urge to dance/move my body along with the music. I listened to it all the way through a few times that first day. I didn’t notice any nature sounds those first few listens but I did notice them in subsequent listens. Now I seem to always hear the cow saying hello when I listen (I hear the wind/leaves rustling too).
I notice that I feel happy and “held” when I listen to the music. I listen just about every day, at least once per day.I’ve listened while in the bath, while moving gently, while sitting and in the background while doing work. I’m considering using it while meditating each morning.The music has brought and continues to being me much joy.

Thank you so very much for creating it for me. I feel blessed each and every time I listen to it!”

Diane DiGiorgio, Yoga Therapist,


Welcome to Miriam’s Magical Well of Calm – Personal Music Composition

It is my joy and  dream to bring you back to this ancient powerful healing energy. It’s indescribable, yet definitely palpable. Thanks to the technological revolution, I’m moved to bring you this experience live online.

Personal Live Music Composed at the Ancient Healing Sites of Galilee

I will compose live music for you or a loved one, live at the ancient healing music sites of Galilee, which is recorded live and sent to you via email.

  • Download to your iphone or ipod for instant calm 24/7
  • Calm yourself on the way to a challenging meeting
  • Listen before bedtime for deep uninterrupted sleep
  • Listen upon wakening for increasing clarity for a particularly productive day

Who Is It For?

  • Those Dealing with Health Concerns
  • Life and Wellness Coaches
  • Health Care and Alternative Health Care Practitioners
  • Community Leaders
  • Therapists and Spiritual Guidance Counselors
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Deep Seekers and Spiritual Practitioners
  • Creative Artists

How does it work?

When you click on the button below and place your order, you will be immediately mailed  a special document with a link to access a self coaching session with questions to help you choose a focus for your composition.

This process is very powerful. Here are just a few of the many responses I have received from clients even before they received their composition:

"Wow.... what an incredible exercise.  I spent some time on this and was surprised at
what came up.  I wrote a lot until I zeroed in on the real issues."

"That was so amazing. And fun! If I gained this much clarity from responding to your spot-on questions, 
I am wondering what will happen after I receive my music."

This powerfully healing guidance and instruction process helps me to focus my intent on your needs while composing and recording your music. The ancient healing and transformational music compositions are usually 6-15 minutes in length.

The critical component with this music is its potency, which is found in the attuning to the energy of YOUR intent, and NOT its physical length. Some compositions are shorter, some may be longer. It is your focus and intent, and the energy of the Ancient Healing Music Site, which determines this.

Once I receive your completed response, I begin an several part process which results in my composing and recording your music, within 5 business days.

Here’s what the program includes:

1)Your Introductory Focus Session: Potent Guided questions. You complete this at your time and pace.

2) Preparatory Session: Studying your responses to the questions

3)  Pre-Production Session: Preparation for Composition – Approach, location, equipment and instruments

4)  Travel to Sacred Site, Set Up and Recording

5) Post Production: Preparing Recording for Transfer to Client including editing and file preparation, levels etc…

6) Transfer Composition to you by electronic media: confirm successful file download

An mp3  recording will be sent to your email box  so you can begin to reap its calming benefits immediately.

You will also be sent a separate guide with helpful tips and suggestions for maximum use and receive four weeks of coaching from me to help you maximize your implementing the healing potential of your music.

This is music whose potency increases with repeated use. I recommend listening to it at least 3 times a day.


1) Gaining Clarity: Introductory Guidance Session

Value: $250

2) Live Music: Composition and Experience

Value: $350

3)  Secure Personalized Transformation Journal: This learning log/journal is all about YOU!  Each time you come back you will see your previous responses and a new place to enter new responses.  This module is designed to be a running list of all of your insights and notes so you can see how well you are progressing through this coaching process.”

Value: $97

Order Now & Receive These Added Bonuses:  

1) QUICK START GUIDE: Chock full of innovative ways you can put your music to great use to increase your calm and joy in life.

Value: $97 

2) FOUR WEEKS PERSONALIZED COACHING: Each week, you will receive coaching questions designed to help you access your inner well of wisdom within. These self coaching sessions are designed to help you succeed at fulfilling the objectives you expressed in your focus session.

Value: $1000

3) UNLIMITED EMAIL  SUPPORT: Have more questions how to use?  Issues coming up when you listen to the music?   You can ask anything, consult with me – I am there for you.

Value: $350


TOTAL PACKAGE:      $2144


If it’s easier on your pocketbook:




“The Best Hour Long Rest I’ve EVER Had!”

“I haven’t relaxed to that depth in weeks.” It was the BEST hour long rest I’ve ever had…. I let my music play all night. My son was in ER one night this week. I got little sleep and couldn’t, even when I had the opportunity. Working with you broke through all that for me. I used the music yesterday to meditate with and ended up falling asleep.  I am finally able to get a good nights sleep. Blessings and much gratitude….”Janine Chimera, Visionary Artist

A perfect gift that increases calm and saves the environment.

      • Skip the trip to the noisy mall,

      • Eliminate the stressful traffic jam

      • Enjoy the experience giving a gift that keeps giving

      • Sleep Deep, Sound Slumber

My Promised Land 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Order your personalized ancient healing and transformational music composition.  If you are not completely satisfied, let me know within 60 days, and I will buy it back from you, no questions asked.

This is how confident I am that you will be satisfied with your one of a kind music. It’s transformational!

Do Something Kind for Yourself Today:




You deserve it!


If it’s easier on your pocketbook:




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