Creative Problem Solving with Your Voice

Sound is everywhere. Music is sound. Your voice is sound and you can use it to creatively solve many problems in everyday life.

As we vibrate, we are releasing pure energy and
intention through us from inner voice to outer voice. This week, I offer you the gift of a vibrational cleansing bath.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), I'll be discussing five benefits of the conscious use of voice and music for creative problem solving, encouraging people to center themselves in these profound peaceful principles of Ancient Healing and Transformational Music.

Here are the details to be with us on the F.R.E.E. W.E.B.I.N.A.R.

Date: Tuesday, Jun

e 2, 2009
Time: 1 pm Eastern/ 11 am Mountain/ 10 am Pacific/18:00 GMT
Cost: None, as this is our loving gift to you
Duration: One-hour (aka 60 minutes)

Click here to register for Tuesday's F.R.E.E. Webinar

Yes, the event will be recorded so you can have access to it later. The only requirement is registration so we may communicate with you (e.g., you'll receive a courtesy reminder two hours beforehand).

I'll be offering some more special goodies for the telecourse beginning on June 2nd


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