Eliminate Self Criticism and Increase Self Trust

This last week has been filled with celebration, meeting with family and taking time to make intentions for the coming year.

When I distill all my ideas down to the essence of what it is that I want to offer this world, I come to the clarity of my Big Hairy Audacious Goal:

Eradicate Self Criticism and Lack of Self Trust in the World.

It is my intention to empower authentic communication because when we express more of who we really are, we feel better and the world benefits from our God given gifts.

As this happens, together we create a Promised Land of Eden. This is why I called my business: Voices of Eden. It’s a living experiment of creating it together, one voice at a time.

This year I am committed to serve that impeturbable inner calm that eliminates inner disconnect and fake living. Why?

Wanting to express the truth of who I really am, yet ridiculed and misunderstood by loved ones, I don’t want the younger generations in my circle of family and friends to feel like they have to “act” in a certain way to get along in the world. I want us all to feel safe expressing who we really are, knowing that each one of our voices is important.

This is a key to living in harmony.

Together, we form a symphony or a cacophany. Each one of us is an instrument. How we use our voices, the dissonant ones and the harmonious ones, makes a difference.

I sincerely invite you to join me, during this year of revealing Miriam’s Secret, on a beautiful journey of authentic self expression, which will lead you to your personal Promised Land.

I look forward to enjoying our mutual exploration together.

So where will be willing to eliminate your own self criticism and lack of self trust? One little big step you could take right now, is to leave a comment below and share it with us.   Go ahead, make my day…. I certainly want to hear from you.

All the best, Eliana

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