Fear & Self Doubt Stopping You from Sharing Your Divine Gifts?

Do fear and self-doubt stop you from sharing your Divine gifts with confidence and joy. I had the delight of interviewing Kamala Murphey a gentle and powerful woman whose work it is to help people to discover a new way to transform their vulnerabilities into deep sources of power.

1) What does expressing your authentic voice mean to you?

Expressing my authentic voice means being able to drop all the masks of looking good or being liked and instead dropping in to my heart, listening to what most longs to be said, and sharing that. It also means trusting that God “has my back” and that my vulnerability and openness blesses me and others – even if I am met with pushback or disapproval from some people.

2) How have you hidden your own authentic voice?

Oh, my! I’ve been known as “the quiet one” in most of the groups I’ve been in! I’ve been nice and very likable – except that no one really knew me beyond that. Even though I’ve been blessed with a very healing energy – people feel good just being around me – until recently, I never gave voice to it!

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I as well, recently had the great fortune of being interviewed by Kamala for her ground breaking interview series: Gentle Women’s Uprising.  Our live interview will be broadcast this evening at 6:30 pm PST, and you can register to participate for free here.


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