Feeling Isolated? How to Melt the Ice…

Ever feel that icy vibration of isolation?

If everything vibrates at a certain level, and the law of attraction shows us that like attracts like, it got me to thinking about the vibration of isolation.
I pondered an old familiar habit of isolating myself and feeling alone. It immediately conjured up an image of my immediate family mother, father and brother  and our politically correct sense of relating which made it difficult for me to honestly connect with them as authentic human beings.
It seemed on one hand, there was my family living according to a certain set of rules, and then the rest of the world…. which operated according to another set.
The two didn’t operate on the same wave length at all. Out in the world, things were portrayed one way, but inside our house it was quite a different reality.
Do you ever experience feeling one way inside, yet what you express outside in the world to others is completely different? It’s feels something like a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde existence.

Why does this happen?

It comes from identifying your core and the root of your power, outside of yourself. In other words, identifying with your mind and your thoughts and being a body, separate from the ALL.
How can you break through the glass ceiling of isolation?
  1. Acknowledge it. Taking responsibility for creating your reality takes you off of automatic pilot and puts the power back into your hands.
  2. Stop. Listen to yourself. Listen to your mind. What is it telling you? Or if your mind is so noisy that you cannot even hear it, you may feel it kinesthetically as stress. If so, listen to the stress. What is it telling you?
  3. Listen to the answer without needing to DO anything about it.
  4. Accept Yourself. Just the fact that you listen to yourself without wanting to change anything will break you through your sense of self isolation. Ask yourself what would be the one loving, kind, gentle thing for you to do right now, which requires no money, nor anyone else’s intervention?
When you tune into yourself first, you will break through the isolation with others.
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How you communicate to yourself inside is important.

Your voice truly makes a difference.

How can you melt your self isolation?

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