Female Singers, Leaders and the Prophetess Miriam

It”s a trend with me. Female singers. Druze, Christian, Jewish. They come wanting to connect with a deeper voice inside. They are already beautiful singers in their own right. Many of them earn their living from the art.

Yesterday, I received yet another new client. She is Druze from the village of Magd Al Shams on the Syrian Border. Five minutes from her village is Berekhat Ram,

the lake where the Archeulian Goddess (shown above) was recently found. This stone figurine,is dated between 50-80,000 years old.

The soft power of the feminine, is rock solid.

The prophetess Miriam, led the Hebrews in celebration upon their successful crossing of the Red Sea to freedom from slavery in Egypt. She was a  powerful leader in her own right.

I suspect that she was most likely a highly regarded priestess in the Eypgtian temple of Hathor.

Since her baby brother Moses, whom she guarded in the bulrushes, convincing the pharoahs daughter to adopt him, ended up a prince, Miriam too was inside the court.

We have Miriam to thank for quietly leading behind the scenes and for saving the ancient powerful techniques of voice and rhythm for sound health and happiness. I have made a commitment to serve as a modern midwife bridging the ancient technologies for modern use.

The Druze, are a sect whose ties are also in Egypt. They fled persecution as well, and settled in the high places of Northern Israel, Syria and Lebanon. I don”t think it is by happenstance that all of the wonderful women singers are coming to me to connect more deeply with their voice. Their culture has a strong base founded in the reverence of the feminine divine.

Miriam’s power is most definitely coming back.

Updated Post 11/3/2019 – Eleven years later :-)!!!!!

Miriam’s Secret was safely born and delivered in 2017. Currently we’re starting a PILOT program based upon the book: Lead with Your Feminine Power. If you’d like to join a group of pioneering women, check it out here. 

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