Figure Out What’s Next for You. Now. Easily.

Figure Out What You Want To Do With Your Life – Now.

Here’s a tragic statistic  – more than 80% of adults 40+ are dissatisfied with their work in the world.

It’s alarming. The majority of your waking time passes while at work,  the crucial part of your life doing something that causes you pain. OUCH!

THE MAJOR QUESTION IS how do you figure out what’s next for you without wasting major amounts of time, like hopping from job to job or wasting money e.g. starting a business having no idea if it’ll work?

One way to gain clarity is to ask for help.  Far from the false stigma of being a sign of weakness, asking for help is a sign of power and courage.
You give multiple gifts in being willing to receive support:
1. It allows others the opportunity to shine
2. You allow yourself to be filled so you have more to give
3. It takes less effort and sharing the weight is so satisfying.
Your heart gets satisfied. Everyone wins.

Beyond Mindset Village with Christine Klosure shared:


“Let Your Heart Lead You ~~ At times when you feel like you don’t know what to do and you don’t know which direction to go or what action to take, it is likely you are trying to logically figure out what is the next step to take. Instead, get quiet inside of yourself – breathe, relax, connect with your heart, and ask for clarity about what is the best thing for you to do next.  Your heart knows what you need… trust the answer that comes.”
Let your heart lead as you listen to this week’s Wisdom Wednesday music meditation is focused upon your receive the support you SO deserve!

What have you been trying to figure out? How did the music effect you?

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