Free Yourself from Inner Conflict with Healing Sound

“Inner conflict is a private war within oneself. People tend to think it’s about making a difficult decision. According to conventional thinking, that decision can range from choosing a style of shoes to more serious considerations such as a career move to another city orFreedom from Inner Conflict the compromise of one’s integrity over an ethical issue.

But these examples illustrate only conscious inner conflict. Much more significant are the unconscious varieties. These deeper conflicts are the roots of our suffering. When we expose the roots, we can resolve the conflict and end the suffering.”

So writes psychologist Peter Michaelson on this subject at length in his provocative blog Why We Suffer .  He suggests that one way to expose the roots is get a shovel and start digging.

There are eight common emotional experiences: 1 – loneliness; 2 – envy; 3 – depression; 4 – greed; 5 – guilt; 6 – sadness; 7 – boredom; and 8 – indecision. 

One way to penetrate the rock of resistance created by them to the flowing waters of your authentic expression, is through wordless voice.


Being kind to yourself, using vocal sound can help you resolve inner conflict which your conscious mind cannot access.

Alfred Wolfson was a German-born singing teacher who was plagued by the sounds of artillery and human agony that he experienced as a soldier in the trenches in World War I. Wolfson cured himself of aural hallucinations by singing the terrible sounds that haunted him. He went on to develop a therapeutic method that was based on using the voice. He taught his students to make spontaneous noises, including those of animals, birds and even machines.


Using Jung’s concept of the anima and animus, Wolfson taught that by extending the vocal range through singing exercises, one could contact the opposite polarity within oneself, thereby integrating the psyche and healing a variety of psychological and physical conditions.

Over the last twenty five years, the simple sonic vocal applications I have developed to calm my own nerves while living through conflict in the Middle East, as well as healing psychological and health problems of my clients, has shown me that the wordless vocal sound operates like small drops of water, that over time, seep passed the conscious mind, soothing and melt the inner angst and pain, much like a mother soothes her crying baby to sleep  with her crooning.


This music meditation was recorded live in an ancient oak grove – using rocks I picked up from the ground. I found the rhythm they created reconnected me to a deep sense of calm. The wordless vocals soothed me. Listen and see how do they affect you?

How do you free yourself from inner conflict? Please comment below. If you’d like additional support, apply for a complimentary exploratory breakthrough session. During out time together we’ll explore your vision and see how we might be able to support you to end your inner conflict and  bringing those dreams into reality!

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