From Menopause to Meaning and Mirth

This hot video just in… it was SO fun to record Vanessa by the Sea of Galilee. It’s astounding to see the shift she has made in just a short few months. Truly inspiring….

“My name is Vanessa Kaliski, British born and bred. A few years ago I started to wonder, “What’s it all about?”… Was it the menopause, the hot flashes, or I don’t know what… but I couldn’t go on any more feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and depleted. I gave so much, but who was giving to me?

Instead of HRT, I did something totally uncharacteristic… a friend dragged me to a Voices of Eden workshop, which, to my surprise, opened up an entirely new world for me.

I learned to slow down, do less and actually accomplish so much more. My entire mindset changed. So much so, that I got up the courage to leave my 30 year corporate marketing career.

In this video, you see me, without my usual business suit, makeup or coiffed hairdo. Instead of being stuck behind my desk on a Friday afternoon, I am on holiday, having the time of my life by the Sea of Galilee in beautiful Northern Israel.

I am living my dream come true… see for yourself….”

PS.  I started making big changes here

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