Happy Childhood – It’s Never Too Late!

I woke up less than an hour ago. Went into the kitchen to make my morning coffee and suddenly, from deep within, the little girl inside of me woke up as well.

“Good morning”, she greeted me cheerfully. “How are you?”

I laughed to myself… acknowledging that SHE is the answer. I had just been asking my inner self how to live in inner happiness all the time, not just in fits and spirts.

“You can ask this girl what she needs, and give it to her. This is how you will heal all of your wounds and get to your impeturbable happiness”, the wise inner voice replied.

What a concept!!!! If I ask this inner child – the me of years ago – what she needs, I will be able to supply her with what she needs to grow up into a healthy and happy adult. This will fulfill me immensely and help me to succeed in my modern day endeavors.

“So, what do you need from me honey?”, I asked. “Let me express myself. Listen to me, pay attention to what I say, give me the space and time. BE there with me”.

And with that, I arose from the couch, came into the studio, opened the computer and went directly to blogger.com, to enter this post, and let HER voice be heard.

Lynn (name given to me at birth)asks you: How do YOU listen to yourSELF, such that it

supports you? What do you say to yourself that inspires you to be your best?

We await your reply.

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