Harmonious way to free unwanted habits. Ring a bell?

Yesterday there was a lunar eclipse… in Gemini. I am not one who usually responds to astrological events, though yesterday, somehow I felt pulled by the force of the moon. Something about soft luminescent light, lighting up darkness spoke to me. I was informed that this particular eclipse allows an opportunity for us to release subconscious habits.

It happened to be the seventeen year anniversary of my moving to Israel and I’d been invited to give an ancient healing and transformational music program to a Kabbalist meditation group. In celebration, I decided to focus upon connecting to the Divine feminine spirit represented by the moon energy. I asked the participants to choose something in their subconscious over which they feel a lack of control, a habit they would like to be freed of.

I would compose music, focusing upon the moon, singing wordlessly to help us access a deeper state of consciousness.

Bells came immediately to mind. In biblical times, the Levites would sew bells onto the fringes of their robes and one would hear them as they walked in procession towards the holy temple. In the temples of the even earlier ancient world, priestesses would use bells and shakers to evoke a deep state of conscious awareness. The round shape of the bell casing, juxtaposed with the clang of the clapper or round pellet inside, creates a balance of masculine and feminine energies.

Something deep inside of me stirred. I noticed a water element stirring as the small metal balls rolled slowly within their round casings. My body slithered and swayed. I felt like a temple priestess in the middle of a sacred ceremony. I allowed the inner movement to guide my outer performance. It was mesmerizing. All the people had their eyes closed in meditation. This freed me to feel more at ease to connect to that feminine place, deep within the womb and allow it to express itself through the music being played on the bells.

The shaking of the bell allows for the vibratory rate of your consciousness to be shifted. Music is activated by the

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silent flow, whose sound gets generated from the receptivity of the outside form of the bell, meeting with the friction caused by the clapper.

The result is harmony. How does this relate to transformation?

Harmony is actually created by friction. Without the friction, there can be no sound. Friction is the power which provides the necessary combustion for great movement forward. Imagine the amount of power of a rocket ship – the amount of fire and heat required to provide the combustion allowing for the rocket to be propelled into space. When we avoid it – we hold ourselves back and stay stuck.

The fire and the friction are feminine forces of nature. They are not to be feared. They are to be harnessed. When we acknowledge their existence and allow for their power, we allow for them to transform self destructiveness into self actualization.

In that in between space, within that space which you cannot see, you can create miracles. All it requires is a willingness to connect to the space and meet it without wanting to affect a result. The result will come of its own accord without your having to do a thing.

Healing and transformational music helps quiet the mind so that you can stay there longer. Let’s conduct an experiment… Choose a habit that you want to free yourself of. Listen to this piece of bell music, from the healing music – meditation program Sepphoris recorded in an ancient water well which will allow you to connect to that deeper level of awareness. Imagine yourself free.

What did you experience? Leave a note and let us know? Leave a message below or on Miriam’s Secret facebook page…

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