Healing Music Day

Yesterday morning I performed ancient healing and transformational music at city hall to open the new season of the council planning. The new head of cultural affairs invited me to set the note and tone of something “different”. A photographer clicked away as I sang. I finished singing and promptly left the hall so that the meeting could begin. The photographer introduced himself as Yoav Etiel, publisher of buy generic cialis online no prescription

href=”http://www.magazin.org.il”>www.magazin.org.il. He had been told there would be something unusual at city hall and came down to take photos (like the one you see above).

The conversation flowed between our stories of leaving the United States behind for Israel, which to the “outside” world, may look, well let's just say, LESS than hunky dory. Yet the importance of being connected to the land and contributing to something very important – such as authentic living, makes living here a worthwhile and satisfying experience.

Yoav invited me to join him to the home of Gili and Ayelet Liber of Gaya. GAYA's song “Yachad” (“Shir L'Ahava”), has become a peace anthem in Israel as well as with their fans around the world, and has come to symbolize this group who is dedicated to peace, by living and practicing what they sing about. How?

By donating time to work with a wonderful group of very talented autistic youth supported by a a great organization who brings their needs to light and helps them integrate into society. Next month there will be a television program with them singing.


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