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Biblical Instruments on Jerusalem Day TV Special May 24

Galilee, Israel Apr 29, 2006 – Healing music expert Eliana Gilad will be performing at The Sultan’s Pool in Jerusalem as part of a unique orchestra comprised of 15 musicians who specialize in musical instruments used in biblical times. The program will be broadcast on Channel Two “Keshet”, Wednesday, May 24 at 8:45 p.m.

The concept for the television special is: Jerusalem of ancient times. Gilad was invited to participate in the production for her expertise in the ancient use of voice and rhythm as a natural healer; such was used in ancient times.
The special, “Jerusalem of the Heart” tells the story of Jerusalem and will include the President, Prime Minister, Mayor of Jerusalem, along with the best of Israel’s performing artists. Gilad will perform with frame drums, described in the Old Testament as Miriam’s Drum, and finger cymbals, described in the bible as “mitziltayim”. Mitziltayim ranging from 3 – 10 cm, have been excavated in archeological digs throughout the North. These instruments were used in Ancient Egypt as well.

Ancient Use of Music Releases Stress

“Jerusalem Day celebrates the reunification of the city. For me, the deeper meaning of this holiday is reunification with our inner selves”, says Gilad. “In biblical times, frame drums and cymbals were used in spiritual preparation for reaching the Temple Mount. Incorporating the ancient percussion into this television special will enable viewers to reconnect with their roots and to their inner sense of tranquility. I am pleased that a prime-time audience will become exposed to the natural rhythms of the ancients”, adds Gilad.

About Eliana Gilad, Peacemaker and Founder of Voices of Eden.

Eliana Gilad, a composer influenced by classical and Mediterranean music, lectures and teaches workshops on the conscious use of voice and rhythm, as they were used in ancient times–for centering and healing. Her credits include presenting with Dr. Masaru Emoto of “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” fame. The results of his research conducted on water crystals exposed to her music appear in the popular 2005 film. She has performed at the United Nations and with the Andalusian Orchestra, and also has appeared onstage with American composer Bobby McFerrin. Gilad has produced five Voices of Eden CDs and a workbook. She lives in Amirim where she directs the Voices of Eden Healing Music Center.

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