Healing Music of Ancient Israel, before Biblical Times

This photo by Arvin on Ancient worship in Israel before the Israelites is music to my ears. Whenever people ask me about music from Ancient Israel it’s usually connected to the bible. We are so used to associating Ancient Israel with biblical sources. There is a history much older than the bible though and it encompasses the entire near east.

I think that a big part of this ignorance (meaning ignoring rather than stupidity), comes from the fact that our entire modern way of thinking is cognitive based – masculine intellectually based. The use of sound and music for healing and spiritual purposed in Ancient Israel was during a time when we looked at life from a feminine world view. Feminine ways of looking at the world include a visceral, intuitive approach.

Music is a science. It is a science based upon the very essence of our existence. Do you need to see something in writing to know that you exist? NO!

Do you need to have music written down to know it’s power? NO!

You feel it. You sense it. You experience it.

Music when appreciated for it’s own sake – raises it’s value. I feel sorry that music, while it has become so much more prevalent in our daily lives, has become so taken for granted. Synthesizers make “making” music easier and economical than ever before.

I don’t consider that type of “music” – true music. It’s like comparing formula to mother’s milk. Both will provide a food substance. Only one will nourish, mind, body and soul.

To me, this is kind of like Ancient Israel and Biblical Israel. Biblical music is established from the masculine worldview – intellectually based. Music from Ancient Israel of pre-biblical times, is founded in feminine world view.

Like mother nature, it holds the entire power of the cosmos in her hands!

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