Help Reignite the Ancient Feminine Voice of Israel – Live Broadcast Nov. 15 at 10 ET

Tomorrow November 15, at 10am ET come bring your voice, your frame drum percussion instruments and great energy and together we’ll revive this ancient music tradition and reveal Miriam’s Secret. . We will meet to create a simple piece of music – wordless vocals, frame drums, bells.

The event will be broadcast live on Google Plus Hangouts. If you rsvp to this link, you can participate live with us.

Deep in the belly of the earth lies a magnetic well filled with magical power.
This power helps you:
• Get clear when you’re confused
• Calm down when you’re anxious
• Be heard for who you authentically are

This will be the culmination of the second day – Haifa Cinematheque – International Spiritual Film Festival 17:00 – 18:00 a premiere international festival drawing quality seekers looking for inspiration from around the globe

Watch this short video to learn the simple vocal melody (anyone can do it) and rhythmic elements that we’ll use as a base during this event.

Please pass it on to healers, singers, drummers, percussionists, families, grandparents, teachers, meditation lovers… and people who are ready to make a difference from the inside out.

The prophetess Miriam knew this technology –maybe it was voice and rhythm that parted the seas? Research proves how the ancients used sound to build buildings and to heal disease. Ultrasound waves can move particles…your voice can move the world.

On the northern coast of Israel, thousands of frame drum statuettes and percussion were discovered in the ancient sites by the sea.

Ancient Healing and Transformational Music master Eliana Gilad will guide us in creating a live, spontaneous music meditation in this ancient tradition.
The event will be broadcast live to the entire world through Google Hangouts.
This is a chance for the world to experience the divine feminine healing power of Israel.
It’s a chance to:
• Meet with friends.
• Do something fun and meaningful with your kids.

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