How to Calm Holiday Anxiety – 3 Harmonious Ways

Are you finding your holiday stress rising?
Give yourself a 5 minute break to enjoy 3 joyful ways to calm anxiety and increase your calm.

One of the ways we can use our authentic, natural voices to calm anxiety is by humming. One note to one breath, focused inwards will have a deeply relaxing and grounding effect.

In this video you will learn three practical ways by which you can use this to your advantage during your daily life.

M is the Mother Sound of all creation. In every language around the globe, the word for mother includes the “M” sound. For example: “Mother” in English, “Mere” in French, “Madre” in Spanish, “Ima” in Hebrew, “Oom” in Arabic.

Research shows that we breath on average 15-17 times a minute. With humming, breathing slows down to 4-6 times a minute. This shows how deeply relaxing humming can be for you. It’s therapeutic

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effects are cumulative.

How can you use humming to benefit your health and well-being?
Here are three ways:

1) When Anticipating an Important Conversation

When you think about speaking your heart in that important conversation, it may bring up sensitivity and feelings of vulnerability. Hum to yourself outloud or silently. Humming will work even if you don’t sound out loud.

2) When you get overwhelmed by reading. Humming has been proven to increase peripheral vision, allowing you to take in more words and letters. Imagine using this in front of the computer. You could save two hours a day, humming and reading. You’ll feel alot better too!

3) Transform mundane daily tasks.

Turn your grocery shopping, standing in long lines or dealing with traffic, by humming. It will pass the time, you may find creative solutions for unrelated problems, just popping to the surface as you allow your voice to naturally sing it’s way to serenity.

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