How to Find Quiet in the Eye of the Storm

eye of the stormFor conscious changemakers experiencing the uncertainty of change, one goal remains preeminent: finding our way into the eye of the storm and staying there. The eye of the storm is that calm center of a devastating storm. One thing is for sure: We don’t want to be caught in a tornado, a hurricane, a cyclone, or a blizzard. No, rather we are looking for and making our way to that calm center within where the calm, compassionate waters flow.

Finding quiet in the eye of the storm has been a goal of leaders, going back thousands of years. In ancient texts it is written:

Find the eye of the storm: “Be still!” “Quiet your soul.” “Rest.” “Quietness.” “Peace.” “Confidence.”

So where do we find this eye of the storm? How about finding it deep within your core. How about using your own voice to croon yourself like a baby. With such gentle nurturing harmony, who wouldn’t want to take refuge in the bosom of that ? Boy, I could use some of that rest, right now! How about you?

But it is not always so easy. Why? So many storms blowing all around us: stormy problems, stormy relationships, stormy jobs, stormy leaders, stormy organizations, stormy change, stormy cultures, stormy [you fill in the blank . . .].

Let me suggest a few ways that  I discovered, living in Israel, ways of breaking through into the eye of the storm. First, find “a quiet place,” for a quiet time. It isn’t always easy. In Israel there is so much noise all around. In the neonatal ward, where we conducted the first research on Voices of Eden music, so much noise came from machinery and monitors. Outside, more noise.  Some say there are actually five languages in Israel: Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian, and “Honk-The-Horn”!

I have found so much quiet at the Ancient Sites, like Bet Shearim, an ancient burial site, where the feminine divine was celebrated. And it’s quiet!












At Last…A Quiet Place with Quiet People



Second, find “some quiet people.” This isn’t so easy. Everybody seems so busy and too distracted. But maybe in your quiet place you can discover some quiet people with whom to share, like my beautiful clients whom I discovered in an introductory workshop I led in a quiet place next to a very noisy freeway.

You never know who you might meet.

This photo was taken in the sacred oak orchard at the end of my street in Galilee. It is one of the reasons I purchased the property where to found the Healing Music Center in Tivon.

When I return to Israel next year, I hope to take a group of people with me to this place. It is sublime.


And third, find “the Quiet.” This is easy. For this soft quiet is what has magnetized us to search for quiet in the first place! Do you get it?  This is that divine feminine power is always waiting to nurture us in our stormy worlds.  It can bring you calm even when bombs are dropping around you. I wrote a book about it – literally using Quiet during the 2006 war in Northern Israel as bombs blasted around my Galilee village.


Most importantly, to find quiet in the eye of the storm, requires stopping the fight, flight or freeze syndrome that keeps us enslaved to an opium of quiet discontent which fills our soul with anxiety and inner dischord.  Face the storm, head on, yet with compassion and a supportive voice, and you’ll end up singing the praises of turbulent change.

eye of the storm

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