How to Release Fear and Resistence…

The response to last week’s post on Releasing Unexpressed Grief with Healing Sound evidently struck a big chord with lots of people responding to my invitation of a complimentary 20 minute exploratory session to discover what to do to unfreeze it and set yourself free.

Overcoming and releasing fear and resistance in your life can be a challenging pursuit. Fear can paralyze you, leaving you helpless to react or move on. Lots of folks are resistant to try new things or move on from certain life events, but in order to find true happiness and calm inside, it requires learning to release the habit of holding on. Letting go is the order of the day. This can be achieved by following a few simple steps and dedicating yourself to the process.


It has been a powerful week filled with so much learning… in this area. My clients have shed many tears… those who overcome their resistance to say yes to themselves,  are shedding tears of joy and relief… those who remain in the muck, consciously or unconsciously, stay weighed down by the ugly step-sisters of resistance – self-recrimination and guilt.

People don’t consciously choose to stay stuck. In fact they may “seem” very committed to move through resistance.



Yet the usual ways to get through it like :

1) Forcing it

2) Figuring it out

3) Running from it

4) Braving it solo…

…create more resistance inside, locking you into the very pattern you’re trying to overcome.  It ‘s that “yang-y” use of might “power” that easily takes you away from the source of your power.

What’s the Solution?

It’s deceptively simple. IT’s definitely NOT any of the above.

The “yin-y” use of power will take you inwards, connecting you to the source of your power. It’s magnetic force is feminine in nature. This is the same force referred to in the mystic practice of Kabbalah. In fact Kabbalah means “receptivity” and “acceptance”.  A good example of this power is a drop of water. Soft and small. Yet over a period of time, one drip of water, dropped over a period of time will bore a hole in the hardest bedrock.

A year and a half ago, at Passover-Easter time, I needed a break. I hadn’t had a vacation in ages.  Too much to do with too little time and money. Not the time to be going away, the resistant voice of worry scolded me. How dare you be so irresponsible and leave. Deeper within, a small still voice whispered: “Go. Rent the little Fiat 500 you’ve been dying to drive and go to Eilat (which in Hebrew,  means “Goddess”. Choosing faith over fear, instead of believing the “not enough time, love,  money”… I said YES to myself…I rented a little red Fiat 500 and set out on an adventure to the site of the Biblical parting of the seas. It was exhilarating.  The gifts unfolded.

Ends up a dear friend was in Eilat at the same time. I arrived at midnight. She came to meet me at the Aroma cafe, which was shutting down. They played Michael Jackson music during their clean up. I broke out into dance. Orly took out her phone and spontaneously filmed the “spontaneous dance”.

I  camped at the shores of the Red Sea and recorded a series of videos for an online course Miriam’s Magical Well of Calm which was fun and it produced income as well. The trip, birthed in faith, paid multiple dividends. That little car represented abundance, ease and simplicity.

Fast forward to today in LA.  One needs a car to get around this city.

The photo of the little red Fiat above….it’s my new car…purchased this week. I’d driven it when I first looked for less expensive alternatives to rent a cars. I brushed it off. I even raised my voice at the pushy salesman….Didn’t you hear, I’M NOT IN THE MARKET TO PURCHASE A CAR. My stepfather just died. I need a short term solution.  My empty house awaits me in Galilee.

Going with the flow, the Divine had other plans in store for me.  The fact that I said YES, inspite of my resistence, reminds me of the empowering trip to Eilat, where  abundant good it transpired. It required my saying YES to invest in my faith, to act upon my faith by listening inwards and making my decision from there.  The water droplets of my faith created a parting of the seas. I’ve even got it recorded for proof :-)…

So whatever resistence you may be experiencing in your life, whatever stuckness may be there, if you want to truly get results – overcome the tendency to stay with the fear and stay small. Say YES to yourself and watch a flood of good appear in your life.

Don’t believe me… try it yourself. Let me know what happens.  Do something kind for yourself. You truly deserve it.


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