Remember I mentioned in my last mail, I did something different.
Yup. Really different.

It used to be, I’d get these inklings, these
moments of clarity when I’d say to myself:
“Yes, THAT’S what I want to do!”…

Yet as soon as I’d start to consider my next step,
the critical negative voices would chime in…
“2+2=4…”, “That’s not realistic”, “You’re crazy”,
And other sundry icky thoughts that would take the
wind right out of my sails, while taking me into
a tailspin.

Now I can provide a container for my fear.
I don’t run, not at all. In fact, I stay
put, right in my place, and go deeper…
so deep that it moves me beyond the fear.

I choose to trust that still small voice.
That’s the voice of true power.

There’s this really simple way I discovered
to know if what I am “hearing” is wise,
or if they’re thinly disguised negative voices
guiding me down a dark alley.

Oops.  I digress.

When you get sick enough of feeling secretly
sick inside, you don’t care as much what
others will think. You start to care more
about what YOU think.

Remember Moses’ sister Miriam? Her voice
didn’t exactly mimic the status quo. In
fact, she got sent to the leper colony
for speaking her truth.

Her power though, was so magnetic, so pure
like water, that Moses, Aaron and the entire
people begged God for her pardon. They
refused to leave camp without her.

She was true to her voice. She slept
well at night.

How well do you trust your voice?
Are you sleeping well? What keeps you up at night?

I’d like to hear.

L’hishtameya (Hebrew for “Look forward to hearing from you :)”,


PS  That really simple way I discovered
to know if what I am “hearing” is right
or leading me onto the rapids is so easy
to do.

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