How Your Voice Can Support You or Strike You Down

Sound and our voices are vibration

I just returned from a kundalini class at 6:15 am.  The exercises are simple yet challenging.  The simple breath exercises the most challenging of all. The goal is to have an equal amount of breath coming in as going out.   So simple, not so easy.

Sound and voice carries on breath.   According to the wisdom of the ancient rishis, the roof of our mouth has eighty four meridian points, all along the roof of our mouths. When they ancients would recite certain sounds, it would make their tongue hit these meridian points in the mouth in certain combinations.

It’s kind of like plucking a harp, when certain places are struck, in a certain combination, it will produce a certain effect – like a melody.
When particular combinations are struck, then the hypothalamus, thalamus and pituitary gland in the brain are all stimulated in such a way as to bring your mind into an altered state.

Imagine, when you do this, what clear thinking you can have in the midst of your day, no matter what is going on around you!

Yet, for most of us, the cacophony of inharmonious sounds are subconsciously running amok 24/7 (yes, even in our sleep). Whether repeated aloud of silently, these mantras can silently kill. Examples you might recognize: “I can’t go on like this anymore”, “When is it my turn?”,  “I should (fill in the blank)…”, “Don’t have enough… (time, money, love… you get what I mean).

How we speak to ourselves, has a direct impact upon what kinds of decisions we make in every  moment. This determines the actions we take. This determines the results we create for ourselves.

How can we shift our voice from one of striking us down to one of supporting us?

1) Start listening to yourself. This requires your stopping to listen.

Our tendency is to not want to stop. It’s not so fun to hear how we are actually talking to ourselves. Yet it is the key to the solution. We are the conductors.

2)  When you hear what you don’t like, instead of immediately going about “fixing” it, changing “it”, “improving yourself”, just listen and witness yourself.

Recently I was on my way to a meeting, and the cacophany of negative criticism was trying to win the upper hand with me.

“You shouldn’t be going to this meeting. You only think it’s going to help. In fact , you are regressing, going off track. You should stay where you are and not take this new move.”

I felt so uncomfortable. Maybe it was a mistake, I wondered to myself.  I allowed myself to just listen, and not run to make any conclusions, nor to change my mind…  I just stopped, listened, and noticed and felt the discomfort with compassion for my humanness.

To my astonishment, I heard another voice pipe up – it was so small, I hardly noticed it, yet it was SO powerful, it was IMPOSSIBLE to avoid it: “You are absolutely on the right route. You are wise. You listen authentically. You are the only one who accepts me completely, without wanting to change me… even all those $&^%&^%*^ voices.  You know the place beyond that.  Thank you for being there for me.”

OMG!  It was life changing.

Where does your voice support you or strike you down? Where can you start listening to yourself more?

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