Hug Around Jerusalem

What I love about living in the Middle East is how dynamic life is. All you have to do is finish one thing, and the next event begings. Never a dull moment! The good thing about this is that it creates a sense of aliveness. I am so grateful for this quality. It makes life really fun.

So, the Pilgrims of Peace (see posts below) just left a few days ago, and now Jimmy Twyman is here with a great group of people who he brought. We had a great time together presenting on the Gandhi King Peace Train – Living Legends of Non-Violence conference. Tomorrow promises to be spectacular as well. Check out the Jerusalem Hug website here. Even if you cannot be there with us physically, you can join us virtually through the website.

In honor of the Jerusalem Hug, I am offering a free gift throughout May. For every Voices of Eden cd purchased this month, I will add in a free guide to “Your Inner Jerusalem”. This is a beautiful guide to help you reconnect to those divided parts inside of yourself. You can offer it as a gift to your friends as well. Order cds here.

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