Images of Transformation

So many different experiences, so many varying viewpoints, plans that get changed on a dime, as is the norm in the Middle East, and these pilgrims of peace were so flexible with it all.

Following are a collage of photos from the week. There are also a few cool video clips. The first is of peacemakers Ibrahim and Eliyahu of Jerusalem Peacemakers. Ibrahim speaks to the group here. Another cool clip is that of the Bedouin musician singing in the tent on an ethnic eastern harp.

This is Sheikh Bukhari and Vanessa Karam in Jerusalem:

This photo is from the Bedouin Women’s Weaving Cooperative:

Steve Puzarne and Rebecca Jupiter in Akko:

Wilfredo Benitez has a keen eye for photography. Can’t wait to see HIS photos!

Jerry Stinson & Joan Waller at rest:

A bride and groom were taking wedding photos at the Port of Akko when we were there:

And a Bedouin girl who watches us from behind the chicken coop wall of their make shift home.

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